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Kizo Lodge

Experience the heart of the Omo River Valley at the Kizo Lodge. Recently opened in the summer of 2016, we have brand new facilities to provide a high level of service and care for our customers. We are proud to promote eco-friendly, sustainable tourism, and seek to provide opportunities for the local community. Please see our reservations page for more information.


Visit two of the largest and most diverse, natural sanctuaries in Ethiopia. The Omo River Valley is bordered by two national parks, both remote and rarely explored.

Omo National Park borders the Omo river to the West and Mago National Park to the East. Both parks are isolated and scarcely visited, allowing thousands of species to be seen in their natural state. The Omo National Park is 4,068 square kilometers and home to over 300 species of bird and awe inspiring range of wildlife, including Buffalo, Elephants, Giraffe, Cheetah, Lion, Leopard, and Zebra. Mago National Park is 2162 square kilometers and was established to preserve a variety of plains animals.


Discover Ancient Ethiopia and walk in the footsteps of the first modern humans. The Omo River Valley is the location where the skeletal remains of the first modern human were discovered, dating back 160,000 years.

The remote location of the Omo River Valley has left the region virtually undisturbed for centuries, providing scientists with unprecedented access to well preserved human fossils. The Lower Omo River Valley has become a UNESCO World Heritage site because of the invaluable fossils that have been discovered here, including the skull of one of the first modern humans to ever walk the Earth. These fossils have helped further develop our understanding of human evolution. Ancient tools have also been found here, offering insight into some of the oldest known human activities.


A stay at Kizo Lodge offers a unique opportunity to experience the unknown world of the Omo River Valley tribes, full of ancient traditions, and an entirely forgotten way of living.

In a world dependent on constant connectivity, it seems impossible for nearly 200,000 people to have lived for centuries, untouched by Western civilization. It has only been within the last century that foreigners have begun entering the remotely located Omo River Valley and witnessing the astonishing pre-industrial lifestyles of the Omo River Valley tribes. In closest proximity to the Kizo Lodge are the Kara, Hamer, and Bena tribes. Witnessing the Bull Jumping Ceremony of these tribes is a truly unforgettable experience. Attend this ceremony and watch as a young tribesman jumps across a herd of bulls to transition into adulthood.

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